2.5 Weed NFTs:

The yield of $Weed is dependent on the level and quality of Weed NFTs, ranging from level 1 to level 50.

Vitality: Determines the planting lifespan of the Weed NFT. It decreases slowly based on the amount of weed being processed. When it falls below 50% of the total amount, it will affect the efficiency of $Weed Token production.

However, it can be repaired using items. Each time the repair is performed, the required item index will increase. Early-stage items can be obtained cheaply, but later, they become rarer, in order to control the total quantity of Weed NFTs.

Items, such as the "Watering Can", can randomly drop during the factory processing process. The drop rate is related to the number of NFTs held by the player; the more NFTs held, the higher the drop rate. They can also be obtained through participation in the lucky draw game.

Minting Limit: Each Weed NFT can be Minted five times. Every ten levels, it advances to the next stage and can be minted once. Each casting consumes a certain amount of $Cannabis tokens, with the cost increasing per casting.

Leveling up Weed NFTs requires the use of $Cannabis Token.

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