2.7 Operating your business

Weed NFT

Once you have owned your NFTs, you can start operating your Weed Empire.

If you own Weed NFTs, you can choose to become a plantation owner, and each user will receive one plot of land for free. (Subsequent plots of land will require spending $CT for development).

You can own up to 5 plots of land, and each plot has a capacity of 42 Weed NFTs for cultivation. The more lands you have unlocked, the higher yield for your total $weed tokens.

To begin, plant your Weed NFTs in the land. Keep in mind that when you remove the NFTs, you will need to pay $CT before they can be listed for sale in the market.

Once planted, the Weed will start to grow, and every 4 hours, it will yield a batch of Weed. If you do not collect the yield when it is generated, the weed plant will stop generating $Weed token.

The Weed Plant NFT goes through five different stages, starting as a small sapling when first planted in the land. It grows and matures every 3 days, with each stage increasing its yield by 10%.

Once you remove an NFT from your farm and put it up for sale on the market in, please be aware that the NFT will remain at its current growth stage and will not continue to progress until it is planted by another player.

Grade: The Production NFTs are categorized into eight different grades: AA+ ; AA ; A ; BB+ ; BB ; B ; CC+ ; CC.

$WT Generation: The amount of $WT (Weed tokens) generated by each Weed NFT will vary based on two factors: The NFT's grade and its level.

Profuction NFT

Each processing plant can accommodate up to 12 production lines.

Once your Production NFTs are installed in the processing plant (removal requires payment of $WT), you can start processing Weed and obtaining finished products.

Once Installed, you need to use $WT to purchase weed, then the Production NFT will start working on the weed and generating $Cannabis Token. Every 4 hours, storage will reach its maximum capacity, and production lines will stop generating yield until players collect them.

Grades: The Production NFTs are categorized into three different grades:

  1. Packaging Line

  2. Capping Line

  3. Cigarette Line

$CT Generation: The amount of $CT (Cannabis tokens) generated by each Production NFT will vary based on two factors: the NFT's grade and its level.

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